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RSU1 is ready to launch parent access to the Brightspace Learning Environment (BLE) tonight!  Starting in the early overnight hours, BLE activation emails will be sent to every parent who has an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account with RSU1.  If you have not completed the IC Parent Portal signup, you will need to complete this first (look for a letter about creating the Infinite Campus Parent Portal amongst the back to school documentation you’ve been receiving, one should be there!).  Brightspace depends on the IC parent to student association in order to provide access to the correct records.

We expect most families in grades 6-12 to receive the Brightspace activation email, since many have been using the parent portal in previous years.  For parents of students in grades K-5, this is new, but if you have completed the IC Parent Portal process, then you are all set.  Your BLE activation email will be coming soon.  If you have not yet completed the Infinite Campus Parent Portal sign-up, please do that right away.  BLE activation letters will be generated as the IC Parent Portal accounts are synchronized with BLE each night.  

The Brightspace parent accounts will enable you to view the Course Activity Feeds, Assignments, and Feedback for each of your students.  You will also go to Brightspace for assignment grades and feedback.  For cumulative grades, progress report grades, and end of term grades you’ll still go to Infinite Campus. 

You are almost ready to begin! Here are some resources to help get started while you wait for the activation email.

The Brightspace Parent website offers a good overview with short videos.

Our own staff created this great one-pager to help parents get started.

Finally, here is a screenshot of the parent view.