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Some of you have reported seeing notifications of missing work when checking Brightspace, though the work in question has actually been submitted. I'm sorry to say that this can happen, but that we know why it is happening, and that we are working with teachers to resolve the erroneous missing tags. 

It is not a glitch. It is a matter of learning to use these new tools, and while we have made many positive strides, we are often learning through the painful process of trial and error. 
Staff have spent many of their professional development hours learning new workflows, and then modifying those workflows as we gain more experience with Brightspace. This is not an ideal implementation process, at all.  Our staff and students are learning to use an entirely new system in the midst of a pandemic, with new schedules, new safety protocols, a blend of hybrid and distance learning students, and always with the possibility of going to full distance learning mode with little notice. You are doing the same. 

That said, we all want the reporting to be accurate. We will continue to work with staff in the coming days to be sure they understand how to resolve the existing missing assignments issue, and avoid creating new ones. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this process. 


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