As of recently a lot of folks would love to create newsletters in Pages and post them to their blogs. The problem is that Blogger will only let you upload pictures! If you follow similar steps in other word processing applications you should get the same result (as long as you export them to PDF.) This video shows how to put a link on your blog that will direct you to the newsletter you upload to Google Drive. Watch the video to see how!


Additionally, here are some step by step directions to help you out:

  1. Open your Pages Newsletter
  2. Go to File in the menu bar and select “Export To…”
  3. Choose PDF and choose the image quality you want (A newsletter with lots of images should do highest)
    Pages Export to PDF
  4. Choose you save location and save it, then Open a web browser
  5. Go to
  6. Sign in with your RSU1 email and password (if not already signed in)
  7. Click the Create button on the left and choose “Folder”
    Google Drive Create Folder
  8. Name the folder something along the lines of “Public Folder”
  9. Check the box / Select the folder
  10. Click the Share icon Google Share Button
  11. Click Advanced in the lower right of the window
  12. Click Change next to Private and change it to “Public on the web”
  13. Make sure that at the bottom of this window Access is set to “Can View”
    Sharing Settings
  14. Click Save and then Done
  15. Now open the “Public Folder” and click the upload button in the left column. Google Upload Button
  16. Select the PDF version of the newsletter from your save location
  17. Once uploaded to Google Drive check the box next to / select your newsletter
  18. Then click the share button
  19. Copy the URL at the top of the window (You may have to click the “Get Sharable Link button at the top right of the window) Google Sharing Link
  20. When creating a link on your blog paste the URL in where you need it
  21. Once the blog is posted visitors will click the link and view the newsletter