Parent / Student Clever Badge Guide

What is a Clever badge?

Clever badges are an easy way to enable fast and secure Chromebook logins for your student. Clever badges use QR code technology to associate the badge to your student's RSU1 issued Google account. Just a flash of the badge in front of the Chromebook camera and they are on their way. Once logged in, your student can use the computer without ever entering a username and password.

Click here to see Clever's guides and support documents.

How does a student login to an RSU1 issued Chromebook with a Clever badge?

Clever offers a short guide on what it looks like to use a badge to login on a Chromebook. Check it out here!

As a side note, the Clever badge doesn't have to be on paper for it to work! You can save it on your phone or another computer and scan the code right off the screen!

Please contact the technology helpdesk if after scanning a badge the student sees an authorization / token / or other sign in error.

Parents should email:

  • Please put "Clever Badge login failed" in the subject of the email

  • Include your first and last name in the body

  • Include the student's first and last name in the body

  • Please include the barcode number off the bottom of the computer

    • e.g. G110112345

How does a student login to the RSU1 Chromebook without a Clever badge?

If you lose or damage the Clever badge, you can always use the student's username and password instead. The video under "How does a student login to a Chromebook with a Clever badge?" shows how to do that.

These steps are also found on the Guide under: "Recommended login flow for logging in with Google."

How can a student get a Clever badge if they do not have one?

Most times it's best to contact the homeroom teacher for your student. They can quickly and easily print a new badge for your student.

Please make sure to tell the teacher if the badge was lost in public.
They will need to generate an entirely new badge.

The Chromebook does not show an option to use a Clever badge. What can I do?

There are two things known to fix this issue:

  1. Make sure that you are connected to WiFi by clicking the time and and looking at the cone shaped icon. It should be blue and should say the name of a network below it with weak, medium, or strong noted under that. Image a. below.

  2. Press the back button if you are being prompted for an email or phone. Image b. below

If these steps do not work, please contact the technology helpdesk.

Parents should email:

  • Please put "No CB Clever login" in the subject of the email

  • Include your first and last name in the body

  • Include the student's first and last name in the body

  • Please include the barcode number off the bottom of the computer, see examples below:

    • "CDW-G G110112345"

    • "Asset Tag 066123"

    • "Service Tag: 8CPNL56"

WiFi menu icon

a. WiFi icon in the system menu

chromebook sign in window

b. Email and phone menu prompt

How can a student access Clever apps using a personal device?

We recommend that students access the Clever portal apps on a desktop or laptop computer using Google Chrome. Students can use their RSU1 Google account or Clever badge to login to the Clever portal.

Click here to see Clever's information on accessing apps.

For specific Apple iPad, iPhone steps: Clever's iOS info.

Standard workflow for accessing apps

  1. Open a browser like Google Chrome.

  2. In the address bar, go to this address:

  3. If the student has a Clever badge, they can click the "Clever badge log in" option to scan the QR code. HOWEVER, this does require Clever to access your webcam.

  4. If your student does not have a webcam or Clever badge, they can use the "Log in with Google" button.

  5. If the Google login information in unknown, please contact the student's school or submit a ticket to the technology department.

  6. Once logged in, the student will see a list of app icons that are available to them.