Four black and gray Lenovo N23 Yoga Chromebooks positioned in laptop, tablet, wedge, and tent modes.

Chromebooks in RSU1

The Chromebook is becoming one of the most popular devices for education across the country.  The device provides the features needed for personal productivity, is easy to maintain and manage, and is fully integrated with the Google Suite for Education.  As a district that has adopted Google education products and services, this makes the device well suited for RSU1.

Why Chromebooks?

RSU1 began testing Chromebooks approximately several years ago when the Morse Science Department ran into compatibility issues with the iPad.  That pilot with the Morse Science Department was expanded over time to include the Morse Yearbook class, Foreign Language,  additional Chromebooks to be signed out from the library, Chromebook labs in elementary schools, Chromebooks for some staff, and 1:1 Chromebooks for the 6th grade.  We now have one for every student and instructional staff member in the district.

So what is a Chromebook?

For those unfamiliar with Chromebooks, they are simple, cost-effective computers that utilize web based services to perform functions such as word processing, research, and presentations. In most instances, these services are available offline as well. Chromebooks run an operating system called ChromeOS, and with support for the Android OS, which is used on smartphones and tablets.  This additional functionality allows Chromebooks to run Android apps from the Google Play Store.