Today, I got a request asking about embedding YouTube videos and how to get rid of those pesky “Suggested Videos” images at the end of the video. Those can make a well made professional video look inappropriate and unprofessional. Below is a video and step by step directions on how to properly embed your videos. Unfortunately those videos that have already been embedded into a blog will most likely have to be replaced by this new piece of code.

Step By Step Breakdown:

1. Find the video you want to embed.

2. Scroll down the page and click the Share button

3. Now click embed and “Show More” at the bottom of the embed section

Youtube Share

4. Once Show More is clicked you will have the option to not show the suggested videos at the end of a video

Youtube Share Showmore

5. Click in the box with the embed code seen near the top of the above image. Select all of the text and copy it.

6. Now open your blogger blog (

7. Create your blog post or open an old one to update it.

8. In the post click the button that says HTML toward the left side of the window


9. Paste the code for the video either below the existing code or instead of the code. Either way makes no difference.

10. Click back to Compose to see the video as a in line item. (Click to the right of it and then arrow over to the left to add line breaks above the video)

11. Publish your post and enjoy!