Anyone that has been asking the question of “How do I get my newsletter to be displayed on my blog?” will be glad to know that it is very possible. It’s a little bit more technical as it requires some manipulation of HTML code, but don’t be discouraged! This is a way to make your blog look at lot prettier, but it REALLY doesn’t save time. Once you do this one time you can skip steps 7-14, but that still makes this a 20 step process that you will have to do EVERY time you post a newsletter. It is very easy to learn how it works by watching the video below, but as I said it’s not the fastest way to get things done.

For a video on exporting from Pages please view this blog article: Sharing Pages Files

Step by Step Directions are as follows:

  1. Open your Pages Newsletter
  2. Go to File in the menu bar and select “Export To…”
  3. Choose PDF and choose the image quality you want (A newsletter with lots of images should do highest)
    Pages Export to PDF
  4. Choose you save location and save it, then Open a web browser
  5. Go to
  6. Sign in with your RSU1 email and password (if not already signed in)
  7. Click the Create button on the left and choose “Folder”
    Google Drive Create Folder
  8. Name the folder something along the lines of “Public Folder”
  9. Check the box / Select the folder
  10. Click the Share icon Google Share Button
  11. Click Advanced in the lower right of the window
  12. Click Change next to Private and change it to “Public on the web”
  13. Make sure that at the bottom of this window Access is set to “Can View”
    Sharing Settings
  14. Click Save and then Done
  15. Now open the “Public Folder” and click the upload button in the left column. Google Upload Button
  16. Select the PDF version of the newsletter from your save location
  17. Once uploaded go ahead and click the name of the PDF file.
  18. Click the “Pop Out” button at the top right of the window.
  19. Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.18.00 PM
  20. Now click the three dots icon and select “Embed Item.”
  21. Highlight the code and copy it to your clipboard using Command+C or by clicking edit in the menu bar and clicking Copy
  22. Now switch over to you blog at
  23. Choose the blog you want to post in and click: New Post
  24. Once in the Compose window click the HTML button at the top left of the window.
  25. BloggerHTML
  26. Now Paste the code in here using Command+V or click Edit in the Menu bar and select Paste
  27. To change the height of the PDF click where it says height=”xxx” and replace that with 820px. That size seems to work well.
  28. Click Compose next to the HTML button and click Publish to finish your blog post.