Hello Everyone,

As some of you build your blogs you may wonder how to make it easy to find a post of a certain type. For example, If someone wanted to only see the blog posts that had to do with your Newsletter, or only the ones that had to do with group learning. There is a relatively easy way to do this! Before you start this process be sure to create Labels or Tags for your individual blog posts. If you haven’t read the blog post about it please read it HERE.

Otherwise feel free to watch the video below or follow the written directions just below the video.



1. Go to blogger.com

2. Determine what blog you want to edit (Click the title to go to that blog’s management page)


3. Now in the left hand column select the layout option (assuming you already chose a template to use in your blog)BloggerLayout

4. If you don’t have a box labeled “Pages,” click “Add a Gadget” where you want to put the navigation section. (I chose the spot at the very top of the page between my Title / Header and the Blog Posts.)

If you have the pages section skip to step 6.

5. Now in the window that comes up find the “Pages” Gadget and click the blue + sign to the right of it. You may have to scroll down a bit.

(If you got this far skip to step 7)

6. Once you do that close the add gadget window if it doesn’t do it itself. Now click the “Edit” link in the box labeled “Pages”. This lets you choose what clickable buttons are at the top of the page.

7. By default Home is the first link / tab added to pages. This is a good idea because this allows you to get back to the main blog page even if you view an individual blog post. Furthermore click the “+Add external link” link to add something else besides Home.

8. You have two items “Page Title” and “Web Address (URL).” Title is what the link will say on your blog and the URL is the direct address to the page you want. Here you could type a link to a Facebook page, a direct email link or more.

9. Here is where we get a little more tricky. To make a tab that allows me to only show blog posts of a certain topic or type all depends on those labels I mentioned in my other blog post.  All you need is this special URL format when creating an additional page with the “+ Add external link” button: http://YourBlogURL.blogspot.com/search/label/YourLabelHere

10. This will now search your blog for the label that you specify, which in turn shows only the blog posts with that label.