Hey everyone! There is this really awesome feature in Blogger that is super easy to use and can help you out a lot later down the road. What you can do is add a Label to your blog post to allow people to search for it using that keyword or tag. Watch my video below or continue down the page for step by step directions. ENJOY!



Step By Step:

1. Log into Blogger

2. Click the title of the blog you want to post in.

3. Now click the “Posts” button in the column on the left of the window.

4. If you want you can mouse over one of the posts and click the “Edit” button to add labels to an existing post. If you just want to create a new post go ahead and click “New Post” in the left column OR click the Pencil at the top of the window.

6. Once you are in the blog post that you want go ahead and click the labels button in the column on the right. If there is no right column click the orange text that says “Post Settings.”

7. Now type your label in the text box and hit enter / return. Try to stay away from two word labels because the space between the words will translate to computer language and be confusing for you.

8. Go ahead and finish your blog post and hit the publish button.

9. That’s all there is!