Hello Everyone,

As most of you know there is an issue when sending an iWork file (Pages, Numbers or Keynote.) When you upload an iWork file to either Google Mail or Google Drive it breaks it up into several files and folders. Here is a quick demonstration on how to get your documents sent in one piece!
If you don’t need the other person to make changes to the files please see our Blog Post Labeled Sharing Pages Files as a PDF. This will be a faster solution.

Follow these steps:
1. Save your iWork file
2. Find the file’s location on your computer
3. Right Click the icon. (Holding Control + Clicking does this, as well as using two fingers to click)
4. A menu should come up with an option that says “compress ‘exampleFile'”
5. This will generate a file with a .zip extension. Using the example from above would make it exampleFile.zip
6. This .zip file is now what you want to send via email as an attachment OR on Google Drive.