Senior accounts will be disabled July 1st.  If there is anything they want to save, they should download to a personal computer, or share with a personal Google account.  This includes Google Drive, Google sites, and any other Google services.  Use these directions to save any important email, sites or documents. If you need additional help email the helpdesk or stop by!

Google Sites

Transferring site ownership

To control who can access your site:

  1. Click More Actions in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Click Manage Site.
  3. Open the Sharing tab, and enter the email addresses for the people with whom you’d like to share your site.
  4. Choose the level of permissions for each person (Owner, Collaborator, Viewer, you should select Owner for your personal Gmail account).
  5. Click invite these people.

If you have ever shared a site hosted outside of with your Google Apps account, you’ll need to visit to access them. (You may not find it under My Sites when you go to



Google Drive

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click on My Drive from the left sidebar.
  3. Hold down Shift and click on the top item in the list.
  4. Still holding shift, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the last item.
  5. Control+Click on the list, and choose “Download”.