Answer: No, or “sort of”


Actually, the Apple Primary Solution was the recommendation of the three-state (ME, HI, VT) review committee that scored the bids on the MLTI RFP.  The Apple Primary Solution outscored the HP by rather a lot, basically an A vs C+.  This review was based on the quality of the complete solution, not just the device being offered, and did not consider cost in the qualitative score.  This review did consider the suite of applications being provided, the accessories, professional development, warranty, location of depot for warranty work, and number of staff dedicated to the project.


The cost of the Apple Primary Solution is only $217 per seat, vs $254 for the HP ProBook.  As you can see, the cost is significantly less for the Apple Primary Solution.  At the high school level, where we will be covering the expenses of the 1:1 deployment through the local general fund, the cost to go with the HP (even if it were a better solution) would cost the district and local taxpayer an additional $22,940 each year, for four years.  The Apple Alternate Solution, which scored just behind the Apple Primary Solution and would have provided students with MacBook Air computers, would cost the district approximately $42,000 more per year, for four years.


Governor LePage decided to provide school districts in Maine with the choice of platform, and funded it (only for grades 7/8) to the level of HP ProBook so that schools could select a Windows option if they determined that that was in the best interest of their district.  In addition to the three-state panel, we reviewed the proposals ourselves and determined that the Apple Primary Solution provided, for this district, the highest quality and value, and the best learning environment.