As some of you may have noticed already some websites will say that Adobe Flash Player is not installed. Google Chrome always has Adobe Flash Player installed, but it’s not always enabled for the website that you need it on. Luckily there is a really easy way to fix this. For your security please only allow this for websites that you trust. This includes educational material like: DreamBox, Scholastic, Pearson, Brain Pop, etc. Watch the video below or read the how-to below that to see how!

1. Go to the website that you need to access content on. Once you see the page saying “Adobe Flash Player is required” or “Please install Adobe Flash” you can move to the next step.

2. In the address bar / URL bar you will see the little green padlockGreen Padlock Iconor the i iconi icon. Click that.

3. This will produce a list that looks similar to these:

not secure site settingssecure site settings

4. To the right of the Flash setting click Ask (default)  and choose “Always Allow On This Site.”

5. Click outside the menu or hit escape, and reload / refresh the website using the refresh button refresh button.

6. Flash should now be working on this website.