eBackPack is a fantastic program that will let you make your classroom paperless.  It lets you give assignments, grade, annotate, and return assignments to students.  Just upload and go – it takes almost any file type.  If you use worksheets, you can skip running to the copier – add the digital document to eBackpack, assign it to a class, and all of your students have a copy.

The built in annotation tools let a student complete a worksheet, as if they had a pencil in their hands – no more lost homework, hand outs or lost lab reports.  If the built in tools don’t cut it, then any document can be sent to any app.  Want fantastic annotation capability?  Send it to Notability.  Want them to write a longer document?  Have them do it in Page, then they can sent it back eBackPack for your review.

Intrigued?  Log into eBackPack at rsu1.ebackpack.com or through the iPad app.  Use your network username and password, which is usually just the first part of your email address.  If you need your password reset, email the helpdesk and we’ll get it reset for you.

There are also a bunch of videos to help you get started.  If you want to dive in deep, email the help desk, asking to be added to the eBackPack guided tour.  It sets you up as a student, then help leads you through setting up your classroom so you’ll know both how students experience eBackPack and how to use it yourself.