The State of Maine MLTI Project Office has just released the repair/replacement cost information to schools.  Please note that these prices are set by the State of Maine, and are subject to change without notice.  In the event of a damaged iPad, the RSU is required by the MLTI contract to have an MLTI approved vendor perform the necessary repair, and replacements have to be provided through the MLTI Project Office.

From the MLTI web page:
“Please note: as per the MLTI Participation Agreement, all MLTI devices must be repaired at the MLTI Depot for warranty and non-warranty issues. This pricing is only available when using the MLTI Depot and pricing is subject to change. Repair is contingent upon the damage present being deemed “repairable” (ie. not total loss). If damage is not repairable, the full replacement price will be incurred.

iPad repair, if determined by the MLTI Depot to be repairable, cost: $349.99
iPad replacement, if determined to not be repairable by the MLTI Depot, cost: $549.00″

You can read the full document at the MLTI web page.