It was bound to happen.  After a terrific start to the school year, with few issues of breakage, we’ve finally had a couple of broken screens, and a broken headphone jack.  Compared to previous years, the number of damaged units is low, very low.  However, while there are fewer incidents, the repairs we have are very expensive.

Here are two examples…

1. Student normally leaves the iPad on the floor at night, beneath the bed, charging for the next day.  A cell phone is left on the bed all night.  Unfortunately, the phone fell off the bed in the night, shattering the iPad screen.

2. Student had earbuds in the iPad and went to pick them up, breaking the jack off inside the iPad.
How much do these repairs cost the families?  $349 if the Apple Depot determines the iPads are repairable, and $549 if the Apple Depot determines that a replacement is needed.
What can teachers and parents do to help protect families (and the school department) from these expenses, and minimize the disruption to learning?  Take every opportunity to stress with students how important it is to be careful with the device.  Be sure students use and store the iPads in keeping with the Care and Use Guidelines, and the Take Home Agreement, and never leave an iPad on the floor.