What you see in these images are the new lab devices for several schools. Over the last few weeks we have “rebooted” several labs throughout the district, and this work continues. This includes removing old Windows based PCs and replacing them with new Macintosh devices. Schools were provided the options of the 21.5″ iMac, the 13″ MacBook Air, and iPad Retinas.

All of these devices are energy and space savers! The iMacs  automatically turn off every night, and they turn back on every morning. On top of that, they even know to not turn on over weekends. The MacBook Airs are ultra light and all boast around a twelve hour battery life. This allows for students to go for an entire school day on just one charge! The iPads are by far the most portable with a very user friendly touch screen. This allows students to directly interact with their learning material by touching, typing, recording, or even speaking to the devices.

Along with great devices come great Apps. All of the devices come with the iLife and iWork suite. iWork includes the popular Document, Spreadsheet and Slide Show applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. These allow students and staff alike to create good notes, documentation, presentations, charts, graphs and make complex calculations. iLife lets you get more creative by making music, podcasts and videos by using the applications GarageBand and iMovie. You could even create music scores, and put them in your own recorded movies!

Overall these are great; both the devices and the applications that run on them. Stay tuned for more news of whats being accomplished!