If you see your student putting their MLTI iPad into a backpack, please STOP them.  The only approved carry case for MLTI iPads is the black Brenthaven case pictured below.  This is provided to every student as part of the MLTI program, and each student with a MLTI iPad agreed to use this carry case when signing the Care and Use Guidelines and Take Home Agreement.

photo (2)

Why do we care about iPads being stuffed into backpacks?  Because this is how mostly avoidable damages commonly occur.   No one can see through the backpack to know that a nearly $600 device is being carried inside, and have you seen what happens to backpacks?  They are often stacked on top of one another, sat upon, kicked or punched, or otherwise treated roughly.  If an iPad is in there, tossed around with 20+ pounds of books and other gear, the results can be expensive.

Please, if you see your student putting an MLTI iPad into a backpack, ask them to use the proper case instead.  It can save a family between $350 and $550.