Printing!  How will I get hard copies of papers, projects and other assignments?

Students will receive iPads already setup and ready to print.  They’ll sign into our print server, then the print option will appear in any app that supports it.  The BRCTC and Woolwich are already up and running.

Can I project?

Yes!  The deal from Apple includes one Apple TV for every 15 students.  All you’ll need to do is double click the home button, swipe left to right, and hit share.  Boom, everyone in the room can see your screen.

What about my resources on the server?

Some apps can access the server, though you’ll have to connect each one manually.  If that sounds cumbersome, it might be time to consider Dropbox.  Dropbox offers seamless syncing between your laptop, iPad, iPhone, and just about any other device you own.

Will there be training?

Yes.  Training will be offered starting this summer, both locally, from the DOE, and through Apple.   We’re still planning and coordinating for the summer, so watch your email for more info.

When will I get my device(s)?

Good question.  The State of Maine hasn’t nailed down a date for iPads and laptops to arrive.  We’re guessing some time in August.  Faculty – you’ll receive them as soon as we can prepare them.  Students – you’ll get them some time after school begins.

Does Infinite Campus work on an iPad?

Yes and no.  For students the experience is fantastic.  Many students already use to access grades, assignments and schedules.   If you’re a teacher, everything (including grade book) will work.  You’ll still want a laptop for tasks more complex than entering quick grades or attendance.

Got questions you still want answered?  Leave a comment or email the tech team.