You’ve probably heard about Khan Academy, the service started by Salman Khan, which offers videos to help you learn a wide variety of topics.  Its completely free, funded by philanthropists such as Bill Gates.

It also has a fantastic mathematics learning section, which can help your students practice skills with an endless supply of well constructed topics.

Log In:

Log In with your Google Account.  Hit Khan Academy’s home page, then hit “Sign In with Google”.  If you’re already signed into your RSU1 email, you’ll be all set. (Hit Allow if prompted to.)  Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 09.57.52 AM

Do The Pre-Test:

You’ll immediately get prompted to do a pre-test.  Your students will see this too – it makes sure they don’t have to start from the beginning of all Mathematics, and are placed at their appropriate challenge level.

Pre-Test Champion!
Pre-Test Champion!

Explore Your Coaching Tools:

Hit Coach in the upper left.  You’ll be able to add students, or see their progress from here.

Click on one of your students, then select “Coach Recommendations” from the left sidebar.  Add content that matches what you want your students to know.

Coaching - in the upper left.
Coaching – in the upper left.

Go Deeper

For more resources check out the Coach Toolkit.

Khan Academy is a great place to do some serious differentiation in your Math classroom.  Play around, and feel free to email us for some one-on-one tutoring.