Yesterday, February 12th, the state informed us that we need to update all iPads to the most recent version of iOS.  This update addresses some issues with the operating system, and new features in their management tool that will allow us to install apps for students and staff, and to move school-owned apps from one roster group to another, as the school year progresses.  It also sets us up for the SBAC (SmarterBalance) pilot in March.  The catch is that it needs to be done by the end of the day on Friday, February 14th.  Completely unreasonable timeline, we agree.

Any student or staff person who does not get the update done in time, will still have to get the update, but if done in a week or so, it may require that the iPad be reformatted, which will take a lot longer, and possibly cause the loss of data.

Below you will find a quick set of instructions on how to update your iPad.

Step 1.) Open the “Settings” app


Step 2.) Go to the “General” Tab

Step 3.) Go to the “Software Update” Tab
image_1 -2

Step 4.) Click the “Install Now” or “Download & Install Now” button

Step 5.) Click the “Agree” button

Step 5.) Wait for the iPad to “Verify Update” and Reboot (this reboot may take up to 5 minutes or so)

Step 6.) Slide your finger to the right on the hello screen

Step 7.) Click “Continue”

Step 8.) Click “Don’t Add Passcode” at the bottom of the screen

Step 9.) Click “Continue”

Step 10.) Click “Get Started” and You’re Done!

Thank you for going through this process for us, the help is greatly appreciated.