As many of you have probably noticed, there were some recent Infinite Campus login and usage issues. What we at the tech department found, is that clearing things called web data can help. Web data contains many different parts including history, entries into forms and searches, cookies, cache, active logins, offline webpage data, and website preferences. What can happen is when a website updates the way it looks or functions new Cookies and Cache are made when you access it. Sometimes the previously stored cookies and cache can conflict with the newly saved ones, resulting in unexpected errors. I have made a quick two minute video showing you how to erase these sometimes pesky files. Enjoy!


Chocolate Chip Cookies By Rdsmith4 (Own work) [CC­BY­SA­2.5
(­sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons | removed
background just leaving plate and cookies. Also added to a larger image.

Money by Andrew Magill (
[] Background somewhat
removed and images put into larger image.