RSU1 Apple Primary Solution Overview

This document provides basic information about what is included with the four year MLTI deployment  for grades 7-12, starting with the 2013/2014 school year.  Additional information will be forthcoming as we receive it from the state and from Apple Computer.

The Apple Primary Solution for MLTI includes the following devices.



iPad Retina MacBook Air 13″

iPad Mini

iPad case and cover iPad case and cover
Neoprene carry case Customized Brenthaven MacBook carry case with sleeve for iPad Mini
4 year warranty 4 year warranty

The Apple Primary Solution includes the following software applications and services.

For iPad

For MacBook Air

iBooks, iTunes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, DropMind Lite, Notability, OverDrive Media Console, GoodReader, DataAnalysis, Graphing Calculator, ArcGIS, SketchPad Explorer, SketchPad Express, Explain Everything, Khan Academy, WolframAlpha, Scan, Xperica, NOVA Elements, NASA Visualization Explorer, Nearpod, EQ Editor Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, Bento, iTunes, MindNode Lite, Notes, Adobe Digital Editions, GRASS GIS, Xcode, SketchBook Express, iTunes U, Daum Equation Editor, iBooks Author

Other included products and services


The student and teacher accounts will include 15GB of storage with the Apple iCloud service.


eBackPack is a cloud based service to facilitate teacher and student transfer of files. Teachers can use eBackPack to post assignments, templates, rubrics or other documents, and students can login to download the files.  In addition, eBackPack acts as a workflow tool so that teachers can “hand out” files to students, and students can submit them when completed. The teacher can check eBackPack to see which students have turned in their work, and can begin to make corrections using the eBackPack annotations tools, or download the student work for annotation in another application such as Notability. eBackPack has no file storage limits, though individual files cannot exceed 100MB in size.

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CrashPlan is an award winning backup system that will be available for teacher MacBooks.  CrashPlan provides 10GB of storage backup. Once configured, this service runs in the background, updating your backups without user intervention.  No more saving your documents to a USB drive when your MacBook is reimaged!


iPads and MacBook Airs will be able to connect to projectors easily, either through the use of a dongle, or wirelessly with Apple TV. The Apple TV will be included at a ratio of 1  per 15 student laptops. This should provide enough Apple TVs so that nearly every classroom has one. Where we have additional classrooms, we will explore the possibility of purchasing additional Apple TVs, or purchasing a license for AirServer.  Either solution will allow the teachers and students to connect to the projector quickly and easily, from wherever they may be in the room. No more dongles to pass from teacher to student, no waiting for the connection. Students can project from wherever they are, and teachers can remain connected while walking around the room


The wireless networks for grades 7-12 will be updated as part of the 1:1 expanded deployment. Apple is installing a network capable of 450mbps, which will be needed due to the throughput demands of the iPads. The existing network equipment will be redeployed throughout the RSU where needed.


Apple is increasing the number of keyboards included with the Apple Primary Solution to 1:7. These keyboards will be available to sign out by teachers and students. In addition to word processing, the keyboards will be required for some online testing services.

If you are interested in learning more about the experiences of others who have already been using iPads with and without keyboards, here are links to a few studies and articles.


Please note that this document was drafted on my iPad while sitting in my car, using the onscreen keyboard.