Apple/MAC Printer Drivers

Each of these driver packages are ZIP compressed.  You will need to decompress the ZIP file and then run the package by pressing down on the Control key and clicking the package.   Then select Open to run the package.  If you do not press the Control key while clicking on the package you may get a security warning and not be able to continue.  Pressing the Control key will give you the option to continue with the installation even with the security warning.  At some point during the install you will need to enter your password or an administrator’s password to finish the install.

If you’ve already installed the printer, you will need to re-install it after the driver(s) has been installed.  During the printer installation select the appropriate driver before clicking on the Add button.  It is recommended that the old printer be deleted to reduce confusion at a later time.

OSX 10.12

OSX 10.10 – 10.11

OSX 10.9

OSX 10.8

OSX 10.7

OSX 10.6

iPad/iOS Printing

Download these directions as a PDF

  1. Follow this link from Safari on your iPad:    PaperCut Web Clip/App
  2. Click on the Share button
  3. Select the Add to Home Screen option
    1. This will place the Web Clip/App on your Home Screen
  4. Press the Home button to go back to the Home Screen
  5. Scroll to the Printing app
  6. Launch the Printing app
  7. Login with your Network username and password
    1. These are the same credentials as you’d use for Moodle, RSU1 PD Blog, File Servers, PaperCut Web Printing, and most Windows workstations.

NOTE:  With our current setup, you will always want the Double-sided option set to OFF.  If Double-sided is set to ON, print jobs will go in to a “Black Hole.”

NOTE:  You must be logged in to the Printing app and have it running in order for print jobs to complete.  If you try printing before the app is running or not logged in, you’ll have 10 minutes to do so before the iPad cancels the print job.