The Infinite Campus has a ton of great features – this part of a series of quick tips to help you get the most of out Campus.

Box and Whiskers Plot

For those stats nerds out there, the box and whisker plot is a comfortable, familiar addition to the grade book.  Box and Whisker plots show where a person is relative to another group, and can easily put context around data.  If you’re asking – where is that student relative to the class, or ‘how did the class do as a whole’ box and whisker plots can help you answer that.

To see the Box and Whiskers Plot, open up the Beta Gradebook (Index > Instruction > Beta Gradebook).  You’ll see something like this:

Gradebook Beta
Gradebook Beta – not expanded.


Click on any name on the left and you’ll see the box and whisker plot for each assignment.

Gredebook Beta - Box and Whisker Expanded
Gradebook Beta – Box and Whisker Expanded

The yellow circle represents where the student scored.  The white box is the middle 50% of scores (the 25-75 percentile) with the whiskers extending out to each side representing the remaining 25% in either direction.

Of course, you can use Box and Whisker plots for things other than improving student performance.
Some people use them in unusual ways. (