3rd graders will be receiving carry cases at school this week so that they can bring their chromebooks back and forth between school and home safely and easily.
11 months ago, RSU1 Info
New tools alert! Jamboard is being integrated with Google Meet, adding a shared whiteboard to video conferencing. https://9to5google.com/2020/09/22/google-meet-jamboard-whiteboard/
almost 2 years ago, RSU1 TechInfo
Are you wondering if Google Drive or other G-Suite services are experiencing service interruptions? Check the Google Status Dashboard: https://bit.ly/2HbFiwv
almost 2 years ago, RSU1 Info
Google Drive services have been restored. Thank you.
almost 2 years ago, RSU1 TechInfo
RSU1 Staff and Students, please note that Google Drive is currently experiencing service interruptions. These were reported starting around 10:29a.m. Google is working to address the issue.
almost 2 years ago, RSU1 TechInfo
This back to school season of in-person, hybrid and distance learning offers new challenges for students to be physically active. The latest Tech Talk Tuesday post from Screenagers offers suggestions to help your student get moving. https://bit.ly/3bDKzYD
almost 2 years ago, RSU1 TechInfo
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Do you need help with your child's school issued Chromebook or account? Send us an email: techsupport@rsu1.org
almost 2 years ago, Damien Austin