The circular "CC" logo of Creative commons and the words "Creative Commons"

All across RSU1 from grades low to high, students are told to be mindful of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious crime. Though it's unlikely that someone under 18 will get charged for infringement on a homework assignment, it's still an important thing to instill early on. Later in life Plagiarism will be taken much more seriously. Purdue University states that infringers can be charged up to $150,000, pay for all lawyer fees, and be put in jail. Not to worry though, "there are three major exceptions to the copyright law that are commonly used by educators: fair use, face-to-face instruction, and virtual instruction. Exceptions allow for the use of a work without requesting permission from the copyright holder and potentially paying fees." One great resource that can be used to avoid this issue is using the Creative Commons for media and information used for assignments. Creative Commons is great for searching for content that can be used freely without worry of infringement.