RSU1 Families, 

It’s back to school time! We look forward to seeing your students in school again this fall, and hope that your summer comes to a restful and enjoyable close. As attention turns to the new school year, we know that you likely have questions about technology in RSU1. This message provides updates concerning education technology resources and how to obtain technical assistance if you need it while supporting your student this school year. 

Thank you for your help as we navigate these changes in tools and routines in the new school year. Though we are all likely to experience new challenges this year, we will do our best to help you through them. Thank you for your understanding and support.
2021-22 Hotspot Help for RSU1 Households
The American Recovery Act of 2021 provides funding for schools to cover expenditures for internet services and connected devices for students lacking such off-campus access. RSU1 already provides each student with a connected device, but has submitted an application to provide households with a hotspot where parents/guardians certify that they do not have adequate internet coverage for students to engage in remote learning. 

Please complete this form only if you do not have adequate internet coverage for students to engage in remote learning. Hotspot Form
The Hotspot Form will close Monday, September 13th.
Brightspace -
Brightspace is the starting point where students will find their class activities, assignments, and resources for use in school and at home. Based on the feedback of students, parents/guardians and staff provided to us last Spring, we have implemented several changes to make the product easier to use and more effective. We continue to learn and develop the Brightspace tools.
One big change for parents/guardians and students is the Work to Do widget. This feature shows overdue work, as well as any assignments within the next two week period. This widget appears for both parents/guardians and students. You can read more about the Work to Do widget by following the link to the Brightspace guide.
Students can access Brightspace using their school issued chromebook and their account. Training will be provided to students in the first days of school. If accessing from a personal device, students should visit .
Parents/guardians can access Brightspace at the same address by completing the following steps.

  • Create an Infinite Campus Portal Account - if you have one, great, you are ready to move on. If you do not have one, check your back to school information packet for an activation letter. If you do not see an activation letter in the first days of school, you can reach out to the school secretary.
  • The IC Portal Account starts the process by which Brightspace parent/guardian accounts are created overnight. You will receive an email letting you know that the Brightspace account has been created.
  • Visit to log in and start accessing Brightspace

If you would like a short orientation, contact the Helpdesk to arrange a time by emailing 
There are at least three apps that will be helpful to you throughout the school year.  
The RSU1 App for school and district notifications, events, information
Apple Store LINK - Google Play LINK

Infinite Campus apps for Parents and Students to access our student information system.

Brightspace Pulse for notifications from Brightspace activities.
Apple Store LINK - Google Play LINK
Chromebooks for Students 
PreK-2 Students in these grades will be issued a chromebook for home use if they do not already have one. These devices will be delivered to the classroom, along with the parent paperwork and a brown paper bag. The device and paperwork can be placed into the bag, the bag folded around the device, and then slid into the student backpack for the trip home. These devices are intended for use at home during the school year.
Additionally, the PreK-2 classrooms will be provided with sets of chromebooks for in-school use.  
Grades 3-9 students should bring their devices to school each day, fully charged, then back home at night. We will be receiving new chromebooks this year but we do not yet have a date to share with you. The fulfillment of these device orders has been delayed due to manufacturing challenges related to COVID. We are told that our orders for chromebooks could arrive any time between late September and even into November. We will share updates with you when we know more, and will distribute them as quickly as possible once the new chromebooks arrive.
Students who are new to RSU1, or students who left RSU1 last year and are now returning, will be receiving a chromebook during the first days of school. 
Learn more about the RSU1 chromebook One-to-One plan for 2021-22 here: LINK
Chromebook Care and Use
Please use the chromebooks at home in a common area, placed on a hard flat surface. Drinks and food should not be near the computer, and sticky or food coated fingers should be washed before using the computer. Pets have broken more devices than you would believe, so keep the devices away from wagging tails, and do not leave them open on a soft couch cushion or bed.  
Student passwords in grades PreK-5 will be updated at the start of the year. This may create a short interruption in usage at home but will be resolved during the first week of school. Expect to receive updated Clever badges if needed, as well as username/passwords.
Internet Filtering
Linewize is a content filter that protects students from inappropriate content while using their RSU1 issued chromebooks in school and at home, or anywhere they are on the internet. No filter is perfect, but Linewize is built for education, and is very responsive to categorizing emerging content.
After Hours Internet
Please note that internet access on student devices will be available from early morning until evening hours, but will turn off overnight. Students can access Google Workspace tools in offline mode. The school night schedule (Su-M-T-W-Th) is included below.
Grades PreK-5 internet turns on at 6:00AM and turns off at 8:00PM
Grades 6-8 internet turns on at 6:00AM and turns off at 10:00PM
Grades 9-12 internet turns on at 5:00AM and turns off at 12:00AM
Families Who Need Technical Help
Families needing technical assistance with their RSU1 issued chromebooks or educational resources used in our classes can email This will generate a ticket in the RSU1 Helpdesk. The district tech team will address technical requests about the device and connections, and about accessing our core apps such as Brightspace, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, etc. Questions about classroom resources such as ConnectEd, Keyboarding without Tears, Tumblebooks, forgotten passwords, etc., the types of guidance a teacher would normally explain to the class if they were together in the classroom, may be directed to their teacher at school.  
Swapping Damaged/Non Working Devices
If the device loaned to your student breaks or stops functioning, please email the tech team at so we can have a replacement device ready for you.  
Notification of Video Conferencing 
Teachers in RSU1 will be using Google’s Meet video conferencing tools in order to extend the classroom learning experience to all students. Video conferences may be recorded in order to allow students who cannot access the class remotely to view the recording of the class at a later time. These video conferences and recordings will only be available to students enrolled in the class, and recordings will be deleted when the recording is no longer needed for educational purposes, usually within 14 days of the completion of the course or school year.
All for now. We wish everyone a great start to the new school year!