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Hello fellow RSU 1 educators - My name is Roman Quinn, and I am eager to begin this school year in my new role as 6-12 Technology Integrator! There are so many different aspects to this position that it might be helpful to organize the role into three action areas. The first is to support teachers in effectively utilizing newer technologies that can make their jobs easier and less time consuming (the initial efforts are worth it, I promise!). The second is to help students learn and master new ways to demonstrate their knowledge and to build confidence in skills they will need in college and beyond. The third is to increase opportunities for RSU 1 teachers and students to showcase their achievements and to make connections within the community. 

Teachers, as I work to fulfill these responsibilities, I will aim to allow you to focus on the curriculum and not the technology (unless it is your personal goal to learn it as well). A perk that I hope you will experience through the increased use of technology is the creation of new pathways for differentiated instruction to meet the unique needs of students as individual learners within a broader classroom. If you have project ideas that require technology and are not sure which program(s) will serve you best, please allow me to help with planning and execution! If you have a go-to lesson that students have not been as engaged with lately, reach out to me and perhaps we can work together to integrate some technology (this position was well named) that will pull them back in. Have a new learning target that requires technology and are unsure how to make it happen? We can work backwards to plan it out and increase your confidence in the necessary skills.

Send me an email. Let's chat!